About Me

I don't really consider myself an artist but I do like to create art. :) Shabby Chic Texas started because of that actually. I had been painting in the garage and then one day I decided to try painting furniture.

Here are some of the art pieces I have done:

The idea to paint furniture came when I was looking for a shabby chic sofa table and I went into the Heights to see if I could find one and I was appalled at the prices! I thought, I could do this myself so I went home and did some experimenting on a couple of small pieces:

I thought they turned out pretty neat so I found a cheap sofa table and painted it!

When my husband came home and saw it he was really impressed and told me that he could sell this kind of thing online (he is the online marketing genius behind the scenes :)) and that was when Shabby Chic Texas was born!

I started painting in my garage and selling on Craigslist and then started my little ol Facebook Page and it took off like a rocket to my surprise! I love it though, mostly because I love meeting my clients and sharing my work with them.

So now you know who I am! I started painting in Dec 2013 and was an official company in Sept 2014 and I have not looked back! This all wouldn't have happened without my wonderful clients though so I must take this time to thank them, I love them all!! Thank you, thank you!!